15 June 2010

"I'm having a good time, they just trying to ruin it."

No Drake lyrics were truer tonight at the first of three Sounds Like PAPER events scheduled this summer at South Street Seaport. The lineup was good -- Ninjasonik, Hanson AND the most buzzed about artist of the past year, Drake.

The show was supposed to go on at 6 p.m. and end around 9, or whenever the final artist stopped performing. I got to the Seaport around 5:30 and was still able to find a good spot near stage right. Soon after the DJ started spinning, and the crowd started fist pumping.

Everyone was having a good time, then of course people started having too good a time.

Dudes started climbing on awnings and roofs, and the cops wanted them down, as did the crowd who took to throwing water bottles at them until they came down.

Once everything was settled, Ninjasonik took to the stage. They performed for a few minutes and then people who apparently hadn't learned from the idiots before them started climbing roofs again.

Once those people were down, the show started again ... sort of. The Ninjasonik boys were speaking, but no one could hear them. Mics were switched up for the next couple of minutes and still no audio.

The crew tried to fix the audio problem while the crowd stood around. Of course there were a couple squabbles between the people who kept trying to climb the roofs and the weary crowd below who wanted them down and kept throwing things at them. (Sidenote: Where the F was the NYPD when this boy thought he was a monkey at the zoo?)

Minutes soon became hours as the crowd grew rowdier and the audio still wasn't working. Soon rumors started spreading that the show was cancelled. Now I did not come all that way to not see a show, so I waited around for an official announcement to be made. I also texted my friend to check Paper Magazine's website and Twitter for any show updates. She said there was nothing so I waited ... and waited ... and waited. Still there were no updates from the event staff.

Then I overheard someone say that Drake had tweeted about the show. Again I texted my friend to check Drake's Twitter. She said he tweeted that the NYPD wanted the show shut down, but he was still coming. Now of course if Drake was coming, I wasn't going anywhere. As much as I love the mmBop boys I grew up with, Drake's like my future husband and the one I came to see (sorry Hanson).

At this point tons of people in front of me were leaving, and I was now standing about three rows away from the barricades. Then the next thing you know mayhem broke out on the other side of the pier. People who were standing on the balcony outside of Uno were fighting with the crowd below them. At first empty water bottles were flying, then the next thing you know a few members of the balcony crowd were possessed to throw chairs outside the restaurant down on the crowd.

My side of the crowd looked on in disbelief. At this point I basically knew the show was over. I still waited around though as the NYPD got the people off of the balcony and disbanded the audience. As I was leaving dozens of people started running away from the Seaport, I'm still not sure why. If you know, please let me know.

So as I sit here at my computer reading Drake's last tweet about the cancelled show, all that keeps running through my mind is, "I guess I'll just have to thank him later."

At least I got this awesome photo of the Brooklyn bridge. New GRAE New York header anybody?


Eileen D. said...

THIS looked like insanity and I'm glad I didn't go lol


Grae said...

at least I got a good photo of the BK Bridge out of it ... I've been meaning to test out panoramic mode, lol