01 June 2010

Jaden Smith Raps with Biebs

Here's a video of Jaden Smith teaming up with Justin Bieber on Never Say Never off the Karate Kid soundtrack.

I'm not shocked that Jaden can rap. His dad is Will Smith after all.

My thoughts:
- Jaden saying, "I can handle them!" After watching the Karate Kid trailer, I totally believe him.
- The best part is when Jaden says Justin is bigger than him. I literally said aloud, "Yay! Biebs is bigger than somebody!" No really, I did.
- Bieber doing a roundhouse kick was brilliant. Just don't do that near glass doors while walking babe.


NANCYXO said...

my baby sister sings his songs all day! =D


Grae said...

JB's songs are catchy. My friend texted me last week to say she's liking "Never Let You Go." Slowly but surely he's wearing down my friends, lol.