30 June 2010

Rep NY and the Mets with This DIPT NYC Tee

I may bleed pinstripes, but DIPT NYC's new t-shirt just may have me trading teams this summer.

The New York Dipt Cr3w tee features a "NY" apple in the METS' signature blue and orange. It's currently $24 on shop.diptnyc.com, and it's available in women's and men's sizes.

While you're there, be sure to check out the rest of DIPT NYC's Summer X' collection that's featured in the video below.

If you were Yankee-bred like myself and are wondering why you should get this tee, consider this. The Yankees may have won the World Series, but there are two things the Mets have that they don't, a DIPT NYC shirt and Prince Harry on their side. If blue and orange are good enough for royalty, they're good enough for you.

(photos courtesy of DIPT NYC and Getty Images)


The Ice Cream Man said...

Thank You.Thank You. I just got around to reading the writeup Ive been so busy. Live It
-The Ice Cream Man


Shari Baldie said...

You're welcome.