23 June 2010

So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 - Top 10 Recap

After saying goodbye to Alexie last week, the remaining contestants took to the stage once again to show us why they are the top 10.

(1) Cristina & Pasha - Paso Doble

What a great way to kick off the show! As Cat Deeley said, "Love it, girl on top." Cristina was most definitely at the top of her game throughout the entire performance. Her and Pasha's movements were synchronized, and that death drop gave me chills. Paso, Pasha, power AND passion, gotta love it!

(2) AdéChiké & Allison - Contemporary

Last week the judges asked Adéchiké to bring the emotion, so did he listen? Yes he did! I could definitely see the improvement. As Mia Michaels said, "Dance is a heart form." He just needs to get out of his head more, and he'll do great.

(3) Alex & Lauren - Broadway

Love the costumes, love the song (Sylvester "Summertime"), and love Fosse updated. All the elements of a good number. Tyce did a good job with the choreography, but Alex didn't fully pull it off. Although he's an expert ballet dancer, he needs to work on his other styles. Like Adam Shankman said, it's all about versatility and growth. The Fosse style is very particular, and the performance just wasn't fully there. However, with a bit more work, I think he could definitely nail it in the future.

(4) Ashley & Mark - Jazz (or Contemporary according to Nigel ... don't worry about it Travis!)

Was it jazz? Was it contemporary? Don't know, don't care because Mark was on stage! (Hi hun, I heart you. Nice abs. Tweet me.) Travis produced some top-notch choreography, and Ashley really pulled it off well. When she grabbed and dragged Mark, I really wanted to switch places with her. All her movements were on point, and the emotion she added to her performance gave me chills.

(5) Billy & Comfort - Krump

I love that the song they danced to was called So U Think U Can Krump. That was basically Billy's main challenge in this routine. For such a talented contemporary dancer, krump is definitely out of his element. However, I thought he did really well. When he stepped to Comfort in the beginning, I could feel the heat radiating from the screen. So hot! Nice job B.

(6) Robert & Anya - Argentine Tango

Hola Roberto. Lo siento, but something was missing from his performance tonight. Argentine tango's supposed to be sexy, raw and passionate, and Robert's execution just didn't have all that. I think Adam said it best, Roberto looked a little stressed. The best part of the whole performance was when Anya was down on the floor and they gave the audience that piercing stare. After that, Robert just looked uncomfortable.

(7) Melinda & Ade - Contemporary

Last week I wasn't sure how I felt about Melinda, but this week I'm back on her bandwagon! Her lines are gorgeous and totally unexpected. Like the judges said, you'd never know tap was her genre. I also loved the concept about mother earth and mankind, and that dress a nice addition to the performance.

(8) Jose & Kathryn - Bollywood

First off Jose, it's spelt B-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D. Secondly, you wear a headband very well. Now while my boy didn't fully get all the moves down packed, he threw a little b-boy swagger into the routine. It was cool, and his footwork at certain points really stood out to me. I can't wait to see what they throw at him next.

(9) Lauren & Dominic - Lyrical Hip Hop

Wow, best performance of the night! This was such a great number from new choreographer Sandra about the issue of domestic abuse. I liked that Lauren really took what the judges told her last week and applied it to her performance. Not only was she there technically, but she was there emotionally. Like Adam said, she's turning into an actor before our eyes. Very nice Lauren! Keep it up girl! (And Dominic, you never answered Cat's question. Do you want to get to a deeper place? LMAO!)

(10) Kent & Courtney - Jazz

Another good number courtesy of Tyce. (Sidenote: Tyce was my friend's dance teacher, but he didn't go by that name back then. Don't you love trivia!) I loved Kent in this. He looked like he was totally into Courtney, and he had his moves down. What more could you want? Oh yeah, sexy Kent! Hopefully that will make an appearance next week. Cross your fingers!

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