30 June 2010

So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 - Top 9 Recap

Last week on So You Think You Can Dance, we said adios to one of my favorite girls this season, Cristina. I miss her. I would have loved to see her grow this week alongside the remaining contestants. On this week's show the dancers were way more comfortable, and that definitely helped their performances. Here's how I thought the top 9 did.

1) AdéChiké & Lauren - Hip Hop
Nice work Dave Soctt. That choreography was "Hot n' Fun" just like the N.E.R.D. song. AdéChiké was way more relaxed this week. He had the moves down and had his fun personality showed through. It was awesome!

2) Ashley & Ade - Contemporary
Adam Shankman said it best, "Young lady, you are breathtaking." I loved this number from new SYTYCD choreographer Dee Caspary. His style of contemporary is very acrobatic, and Ashley was good at it. When the music slowed down, there were these great little moments between Ashley and Ade. This is the kind of dancing that gives me chills.

3) Billy's solo
We all know that Billy can move, but I just want to point out that I love that he danced to Amanda Blank. That is all.

4) Robert & Courtney - Jazz
Hi Sonya. I heart you! Now on to the dancing. This routine definitely pushed Robert. He was in character the whole time, and as I watched him I was reminded of Mark when he dances a Sonya Tayeh routine.

5) Jose's solo
Jose really knows how to hold his movements for emphasis. More dancers need to learn how to do that.

6) Melinda & Pasha - Salsa
First of all, who the hell chose this song? It was terrible. The dancers were moving way seixer than the song. It was awkward. I hope the judges see that when they watch the show back later. I'm still on Melinda's bandwagon, so I felt really bad when the judges told her they made a mistake last week in sending Cristina home instead of her. Now this is why I'm glad Cat Deeley's the host. I love her for telling Melinda she's a "strong, confident woman." Also I love her for saying, "Viva Colombia. Indeed."

7) Kent's solo
I love how Kent put his solo together. I think we may have a future SYTYCD choreographer on our hands.

8) Alex's solo
Okay, we have another future SYTYCD choreographer on our hands. Love him.

9) Lauren & Neil: Broadway
This was some great choreography from Joey Dowling. Lauren's good. She's got the whole performance thing down and is the best girl on the show this season. This number was so hot her dress strap popped.

10) Ashley's solo
Ashley's adorable. She's my other top girl dancer this season. I hope she gets something besides contemporary next week so she can prove herself.

11) Billy and Kathryn: Contemporary
It was great to see Billy in his element. He's a great dancer, but like the judges said, he just needs to work on his connection with his partners. Sidenote: I love that he considers Legacy his dancing inspiration. So cool, and I loved seeing Legacy in the audience. Hi Legacy! I heart you! Moving on ...

12) Robert's solo
Love, love, love his isolations! He has great musicality, and it really adds to his dancing.

13) Jose & Anya - Samba
First yoga, now kung-fu. What does Jose not do? He's so well-rounded, it's unbelievable. Now on to the dancing. First off, the Shakira song is the kind of track Fabian should have had Melinda and Pasha dance to. Secondly, I don't think Jose was really given a chance to prove himself in this routine. While Anya didn't overpower him at all, I felt Dmitry should have given him more hip movements. What's a samba routine without hip movements?

14) Melinda's solo
I love how Melinda's tapping sounds like another instrument in the songs she performs to. If Alicia Keys is looking for an instrument to add to Empire State of Mind, she definitely must consult with Melinda.

15) Kent & Alison - Jazz
I love Kent. He truly dances like no other and is exciting to watch. I agree with the judges though. He needs to work on getting into his character more. Once he does that, there's no stopping him.

16) AdéChiké's solo
Dear lord, AdéChiké has a great body. His dancing's so powerful. I can totally see how Desmond Richardson has influenced his dancing. Just brilliant.

17) Lauren's solo
This girl can move! Again, she's the best female dancer on the show this season.

18) Alex & Twitch - Hip Hop
NOW THAT'S WHAT YOU CALL SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST! I'M LOSING MY FREAKIN' MIND RIGHT NOW. THAT WAS AMAZING! DAMN! When I heard Alex and Twitch were doing a dual-male hip hop routine, I knew it was going to be a good number, but I did not expect it to be as good as it was. First off, the storyline was great. I love that Nappy Tabs had Twitch trying to get Alex to drop his ballet training and let loose. It was so fun. Secondly, I was so glad Alex was able to keep up with Twitch. I think that truly caught everyone off guard. It was UNREAL! So amazing! Everyone's just so proud of Alex, and he truly deserved that standing ovation. So genius.

So who do you guys think is going home this week? Although I love them both, I'm going to say either Melinda or Jose. We'll find out for sure tomorrow night. In the meantime, I've got to go vote up a storm right now. Later!

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