21 June 2010

Welcome to Summer 2010

These Travie McCoy lyrics really say what I want Summer 2010 to be about.

Graduating college last month has given me a new sense of freedom. It's a great feeling to know that I can go to Europe and stay till year's end because I don't have a semester to come back for. (And if I had the money I would be writing this post from a café in Paris instead of my living room in NY.)

For the past few days I've been throwing around this whole "GRAE's Guide to Summer 2010" concept. So what exactly is it? Like any trip you're heading out on, you have to pack and prep before you leave. I say it should be the same with summer. Want to know what to wear? I got you. Want to know what to listen to? I got you. Want to know what to watch? Again, I got you. See where I'm going here?

For the next 7 days be sure to come back to GNY to find out what's hot for Summer 2010 in fashion, music, sports, and more!

It's GRAE's Summer of Freedom. Gotta love it!

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