25 July 2010

'Black Swan' ... Great Cast, Cool Storyline, BRILLIANT MAKEUP

How gorgeous is Natalie Portman's makeup for her new movie Black Swan! Kudos to the makeup department for creating a look that I'm sure will be emulated by many this Halloween.

I'm also loving Natalie's painted forearms. I think this may catch on. Ke$ha recently rocked the look on the red carpet and people thought she was nuts. I say she's just jumping on the painted arm bandwagon before it becomes too trendy. Smart girl.

So what exactly is Black Swan? Natalie plays a dancer for the New York City Ballet who finds herself caught up in drama with a dance rival (Mila Kunis), her mother, and her dance teacher.

Dance and drama, I love it! This is so going on my list of movies to see. If you're not into the storyline, at least see it for the makeup.

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