23 July 2010

From the Shore to Rolling Stone

The Jersey Shore cast has fist pumped their way into Rolling Stone. What do they have to talk to this major magazine about? Tons of stuff! Miami nightlife. GTL. Justin Bieber.

Pauly D reveals that his hair looks like Bieber's without his beloved hair gel. He even challenges the pop sensation to a hair switch-up. He'll rock Bieber bangs if Bieber rocks a blowout. Then they'll see who gets more girls. Bombard Bieber's Twitter and get him some hair gel; this needs to go down!

As we wait for Bieber to accept Pauly's challenge, Snooki shares her words of wisdom. "If you're not tan and you go on the beach, you're going to blend in with the sand." Oh from the mouths of babes, 4'9" tanned twenty-something ones.

Click either of the photos to watch the full Q&A video. It's riveting. No really.

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