21 July 2010

Have You Been Watching The LXD?

The LXD is an amazing group of dancers who do extraordinary things. I've had my eye on them for the past 2 years, and they're just brilliant. Every time I see them perform, I'm left in awe.

Two weeks ago The LXD online series premiered. You don't need to be a fan of dance to watch it. You just need to appreciate a good storyline. The episodes premiere every Wednesday around midnight EST on Hulu.

Since last week the creator Jon M. Chu and various cast members have been doing a live chat before each episode premieres. Follow Jon on Twitter, as well as the LXD Twitter and Facebook accounts so you'll know when the live chats are going on.

Catch up on the first five episodes of The LXD below. Enjoy!!

Episode 1: The Tale of Trevor Drift

Episode 2: AntiGravity Heroes

Episode 3: Robot Lovestory

Episode 4: The Uprising Begins

Episode 5: The Lettermakers

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