19 July 2010

Jay-Z Reacts to Lebron's Decision ... Sort Of

As you know by now, Lebron's going to the Miami Heat. Everyone thought he'd go to either the Knicks or the Nets. I didn't care where he ended up because I'd choose a board over a basketball any day.

Someone who did care where Lebron ended up was Jay-Z. (Who didn't see his huge NYC billboard?) Now that Lebron's heading to South Beach, what's Jay think about his decision? Find out in this spoof featuring Affion Crockett as Jay-Z. It's hilarious and the guy playing John Mayer has epic guitar-playing faces.


Eileen D. said...

the only people who thought lebron was going to NY were New Yorkers lol

It was def between Chicago and Miami lol

Anywhoo this is hilar

Shari Baldie said...

haha, that's true ... I don't even know who's on the Knicks/Nets anymore ... if Lebron came over here I'd at least know one player lol