26 July 2010

Jesse McCartney's "Teenage Dream" ... A Scandalous Tweet

Last night, this morning, whatever, I was half-asleep on Twitter when Jesse McCartney tweeted, "Who's heard the new single #teenagedream by @katyperry?? That song makes me want to take my pants off. And underwear." And just like that I was wide awake.

Jesse's in Italy right now so my friend and I think the wine may be getting to him. But of course if I go missing for the rest of the week and don't blog, you may find me on TMZ chasing my beloved JMc around Italy, with pants, without pants, does it really matter? No.

So is Katy Perry's Teenage Dream as "take your pants and underwear off" worthy as JMc claims? Listen for yourself and let me know. Or if you'd rather share your thoughts on whether or not Jesse's pants-less in the above photo, go right ahead. I may be on the next flight to Rome. Arrivederci miei amori!

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