24 July 2010

National Dance Day in a Week!

As you know, I love dance. I used to dance as a kid, but I quit ballet because I was bored. Looking back, BIG mistake, but whatevs. Next Saturday is the perfect time for me to get back in the game. Why? It's National Dance Day!

Nygel Lythgoe and the So You Think You Can Dance crew are spearheading this special day. They hope to "empower, challenge and inspire everyone to try various styles of dance ranging from hip-hop to ballroom to anything that moves. Above all, it will encourage everyone to DANCE as a means to stay fit and be healthy."

Get ready for National Dance Day by learning this routine from Tabitha and Napolean, and visit dance.blogs.fox.com for updates on NDD events near you.

(image from Dizzy Feet Foundation)

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