11 August 2010

Biebs Attacked By Water Bottle

As if trying not to walk into doors wasn't hard enough for Justin Bieber, now the pop phenom has to watch out for flying water bottles when he's on stage.

Back in December Biebs was hit in the head by a water bottle someone in the Sacramento crowd threw. Ironically he was telling his fans that he loves them. Bieber's reaction was, "Oww, that didn't feel good. I don't know why she just threw that at me." So polite. Oh Canadians.

I don't know why the girl threw the bottle either. Maybe it had her number on it and she thought aiming at his awesome hair was a great way to get it to him. On the bright side, if that's what happened, the cops will know exactly who to call.

Once again Biebs this is proof you need to hire me. I can help you not walk into doors, and I can confiscate water bottles as people enter your concerts. You know you need me!

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