14 August 2010

Cody Simpson the Next Bieber?

Don't let the shades, black v-neck, and bedhead fool you my friends. This dude is only 13 years old. Yup, you read that right, 13! Meet Cody Simpson, the Aussie version of Biebs. He too was discovered on YouTube. Go figure.

Cody's debut single iYiYi featuring Flo Rida came out earlier this year. The song's definitely catchy, but I'm not feeling the video. Apparently I've grown so accustomed to Biebs and his swagger that I'm not buying Cody's relationship with the girl. It just seems awkward because he looks so young.

I know Cody's just 13 people, but I feel like he needs more swagger. In the vid he plays with water guns. Bieber has too much swagger for water guns! (If you read my Twitter, you now know what I'm talking about.) Biebs is much too busy rolling around on pool tables to play with water guns!

Cody does look good longboarding and bike riding his way around town, but the water gun thing has got to go.

Watch the video and tell me if you agree or you think I'm reading too much into this. (Probably the latter right?)

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