26 August 2010

Gossip Girl's All About the 'XOXO'

Gossip Girl is never short of couples shacking up, breaking up, and making up. You never know if couples at the beginning of the season will make it past the first half hour of the episode. The writers totally keep us GG fans guessing.

Here are my top 3 couples of season 3:

(3) Serena & Nate:

Of all the guys Serena was linked with this season -- Carter, Tripp, Damien -- her relationship with Nate was my favorite. Nate really cares about her. Remember in episode 12 (The Debarted) when he rushed to her rescue after her affair with his cousin Tripp turned sour. I hope these two find their way back together in season 4.

(2) Blair & Chuck:

Blair loves Chuck. Chuck loves Blair. Just click on the photo below to watch a clip of them talk about each other at the beginning of season 3. Unfortunately something always happens when these two get together to break them up. One of the major reasons for their breakup this season was in episode 17 (Inglourious Bassterds) when Blair felt betrayed by Chuck after trying to save his hotel by making a deal with his Uncle Jack.

(1) Dorota & Vanya:

I heart Dorota! She's such a scene-stealer. I loved that she had her own storyline this season. She got engaged in episode 17 (Inglorious Bassterds) and got married in episode 18 (The Unblairable Lightness of Being). Then to top it all off, she had a baby in the season finale! What a great way to end her storyline this season!

Did you like these Gossip Girl couples too, or is there another GG couple you couldn't get enough of?

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