11 August 2010

Penn Badgley on Piano

When I was younger my life revolved around the CW lineup. One of the actors I constantly saw on the network was Penn Badgley. He was really hot in The Mountain and The Bedford Diaries and had this old soul way about him. Sadly when he made his way to Gossip Girl, I sidelined him for Ed Westwick. (What? Chuck Bass has Bieber swagger times 10!)

Anyway, I think I may have to put Penn back in play after seeing this interview with Bullett Magazine. Did you know he plays the piano and sings? I'm a sucker for boys with musical talent. If you randomly see me tweeting, "Dan Humphrey play the piano!" as I watch the upcoming season of Gossip Girl, don't be alarmed.

Bullett Magazine + Penn Badgley

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