24 September 2010

Badass Bieber Does 'CSI'

Last night the CSI episode we've all been waiting for finally aired. Bieber guest starred in the season opener, and here's how it went down:
  • Five mins in and no sign of Biebs, but a dude in jail got electrocuted, roaches were all over a florist's truck, and a coffin blew up followed by the florist's truck.
  • Where's Bieber? I'm bored. At least now there's a girl with an accent named Kacey. Will now try to figure out where she's from. I'm thinking Australia or New Zealand.
  • Still trying to figure out where Kacey's from. In the meantime we've learned that someone with "a grudge against cops" left the bomb, but it was meant to scare, not to hurt anyone.
  • Spotted: Biebs being brainwashed while wearing flannel. Fitting.
  • Biebs being interrogated. Are they bribing him with soda?
  • Hmm, Biebs had prior knowledge. Interesting?
  • Another explosion. "It isn't over," says the investigator. Cut to Biebs sitting in his jail cell looking creepy and suspicious in an orange jumpsuit. Does that mean his cameo on CSI doesn't end here?
Watching this episode I realized why I don't watch CSI. It's boring! It doesn't have the lovable characters that CSI: Miami and CSI: NY have. If Biebs is on next week, I can't guarantee that I'll watch. He was good at the whole innocent/creepy thing, but the investigators are no Eric Delko or Detective Messer. Maybe they can continue his storyline in the Miami or NY series instead.

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