21 September 2010

First Impressions: 'Hawaii Five-0'

After NBC unsuccessfully tried to bring back Hawaii Five-0 in 2004, CBS took the reins once again to give it another go. The classic theme song is back, as is the classic phrase "Book 'em Danno!"

After being let down by 2 hyped up shows this fall, the Hawaii Five-0 pilot really impressed me. I love how take-charge Alex O'Loughlin's Steve McGarrett is. I love the back story of Danno. (Scott Caan, thank your agent. This is the PERFECT role for you.) Daniel Dae Kim is awesome as the wise Chin Ho Kelly. His cousin, feisty surfer girl/rookie Kono Kalakaua is such a strong female character.

Here's my recap:
  • Starting off with a bang: hostages, explosions, gun fire! Whoo! (Lone Star take note.)
  • Bye bye brother ... bye bye daddy
  • OMG, did I just see Will Yun Lee's name? I love him!
  • Whoo! It's Daniel Dae Kim. Hot!
  • Whoo! It's Scott Caan ... and he's a dad ... aww, he doesn't feel his stuffed bunny can compare to step-daddy's live bunny ... aww, can I hug you right now?
  • Daddy's classic car! Loves it!
  • Daddy giving Steve secret messages before he was killed. Smart.
  • Steve/Danno standoff 1 ... epic ... now of course I have to ask, who'd you rather? VOTE NOW
  • Love that Danno has his phone set to the Psycho song when his ex calls. Epic.
  • How can Danno not like the beach? I love the beach, and I can't even swim. Plus I love New York, but tell me you're sending me to Hawaii, and I'm so out of here!
  • Whoo! Can Alex do that car slide again?
  • I love these Steve/Danno fights.
  • LMAO @ Steve saying Danno's sensitive. Who knew a Caan man could be sensitive?
  • "Your apology is noted. Acceptance is pending." I'm so stealing that line from Danno.
  • More Daniel Dae Kim ... yay!
  • I swear I've seen that t-shirt guy in every Hawaii-based show.
  • They're speaking pidgin! I haven't heard that in a while. I miss Hawaii-based shows.
  • "Perfect guy" is actually a perfect girl. Loves it!
  • Perfect girl says, "Yo bro, think twice before you drop into someone's wave." She follows it up with a punch. Apply to your own life.
  • Alex's abs = A+
  • Boys + beer = bonding moment
  • Oh no, where's Kono's wire!
  • Hmm, there's a mole in the police department ... the bad guys do know the good guys after all.
  • "What kind of cops are you?" "The new kind." That's right! Tell 'em baby!
  • Driving onto the boat, that's so "the new kind" of cop thing to do.
  • Steve whipping out some Krav Maga on the bad guys. Loves it!
  • "Book 'em Danno." I've been waiting for you to say that Steve.
  • "No task is too big when done to get them." - love you Chin Ho, but that name is too damn long for your team.
So as you can see, I really enjoyed Hawaii Five-O. I'll definitely be tuning back in week after week. Check out cbs.com for more on the show.

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