10 September 2010

First Impressions: 'Nikita'

CW's new show Nikita has been getting a lot of buzz. Is all the attention well-deserved? I decided to find out for myself and watch the premiere because (1) I have nothing else to do (yay uneventful post-grad life) and (2) I love Shane West.

First off, when did CW get so violent? I've seen my fair share of brawls in One Tree Hill, Charmed, and Smallville, but the fights in the 2nd season premiere of Vampire Diaries were intense! I have to keep watching. I'm hooked on the Elena/Katherine storyline. Now most importantly, why doesn't anyone love Damon? Can they not see how hot he is? I need to create a character for this show (played by me of course) that falls for him. Problem solved.

Did I find Nikita equally as impressive? Well ...
  • "My name is Nikita." Tell me something I don't know.
  • Oh look, Dell product placement.
  • She's the first recruit to get out and wants to get others out too. Again, tell me something I don't know.
  • Burglars take note: If you're going to rob somewhere wearing a rabbit mask, be sure you can see out of it so you don't trip and spill the goods.
  • Alex from Detroit, MI. Something I didn't know; yay.
  • Shane West!
  • I forgot how sexy Shane West's voice is!
  • Alex: "Who are you?" My mom: "Shane West."
  • Shane West's character is named Michael. I will keep calling him Shane West. (Call me rebel.)
  • Does the government really recruit people like Alex? Most importantly, can I make a request for Shane West to recruit me?
  • This girl needs some grammar lessons.
  • McG's an executive producer. Figures. This show totally has his name all over it.
  • Did she just walk through the water in her shoes? *Frowns.*
  • That "hi daddy!" was so eerie!
  • This scene with the foster father's definitely just to give us some background on Nikita: fell in with a bad crowd, at 18 was supposed to be executed, Division faked her death and gave her a second chance, was trained to be an assassin, put through military charm school, broke the rules (i.e. fell in love with civilian named Daniel), Division killed Daniel.
  • Her message to Division: "It ends now."
  • Sports bra girl holding the banana's mad scary.
  • Banana girl = Jaden. Boy who saved Alex from death by banana = Tom. Who agrees these 2 will become Alex's partners in crime at some point this season?
  • Daniel Monroe flashback. He was hot! Too bad Division killed him. Or, plot twist, is he really alive and working for Division? I should write for this show if I don't get a part on Vampire Diaries. McG call me!
  • Hey, that nerdy Division dude's from Traveler! Remember that show? It also starred my White Collar husband Matt Bomer.
  • Hey, it's Julie Cooper! Oh, her name's Amanda. Yeah, still calling her Julie Cooper.
  • Can Julie Cooper really speak Ukrainian or was that a voice-over?
  • The old mannequin distraction. Go Nikita! You'd think they wouldn't fall for that old trick.
  • Smallville's still on?
  • Division rolling through the park with big guns and Matrix coats in broad daylight. Shouldn't kids be there? I mean I don't want them to get hurt, but it is daytime.
  • Don't ask Shane West for help Traveler boy. He's too busy looking hot in those shades and coat.
  • Oh naive little Alex.
  • Jaden: "You're here to kill for the man honey." Well that sums up the show.
  • Now does Nikita create her outfits based on the clothes she wants to wear or the size gun she wants to carry?
  • Tom in his first mission. Go you, but Nikita's better.
  • Maggie Q is definitely believable throwing punches.
  • Nikita doesn't wait for people to open doors for her, she breaks them open herself. Adapt this to your own life.
  • This dude's Matrix coat totally gives away that he's with Division. (Refer to park scene.)
  • Hmm, nosy tourist children.
  • Nikita brings dude to the UN. Good girl. And don't question her for saving your life sir. Just say thank you.
  • I hope Shane West isn't going to frown so much in every episode because wrinkles are going to start setting in soon. Smile like this emoticon babe. :-)
  • Anyone know if Sephora sells lipstick detonators?
  • Ooh, Shane West and Nikita had a relationship. I approve. Now move over girl, it's my turn.
  • Looks like Alex isn't as naive as I thought.

Well that was interesting. Will I keep watching Nikita? I do love my Shane West, but he can't carry the show frowning for an hour while looking sleek in suits. The plot's pretty basic and nothing I haven't seen before. Honestly I'd rather watch Covert Affairs. I really wanted to like this one, but I'll be changing the channel after Vampire Diaries next week.

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