23 September 2010

First Impressions: 'Undercovers'

The new NBC show Undercovers might as well be called "Sexpionage 101." From beginning to end it was exciting, intriguing, and sexy. What else would you expect from a J.J. Abrams show about former spies who are married and look this good?

Here's what went down from beginning to end:
  • Meet Steven and Samantha, spies turned caterers. Interesting.
  • "Do I look like a Chan or a Pinkelstein?" The suit is hilarious.
  • The suit asks if they'll return to find Leo Nash, Steven's spy friend and Samantha's former partner. They say no.
  • I want Steven's car! That is all.
  • Steven goes to the suit and tells him he'll come back, but don't tell his wife. Oh wait, she's already there. Nevermind.
  • They go to Spain to check out Leo's safe house. I want a house in Spain.
  • Hmm, the agency has an ulterior motive for putting these 2 back in the field. This kind of sounds like Covert Affairs with a former-spies-back-in-the-game twist.
  • Meet Hoyt, their new sidekick who thinks Steven's a "legend." Now if only he realized that fake mustache will not make him one.
  • Samantha thinks Leo's partying and having a good time. He's actually being tied up by some bad guys. Well that could be his idea of a good time.
  • "Hoyt, it's the woman married to the man you love." I love Samantha.
  • Umm Samantha, maybe revealing that you and the guy you and your husband are looking for used to date isn't such a great idea.
  • Damn Steven looks good in a suit.
  • OMG, Steven's cufflink camera! I want one!
  • "Sexpionage always works," says Samantha. Looks like Samantha Bloom learned a little something from Samantha Jones. Take note and apply to your own life.
  • Hoyt, "Someone's a little too good at sexpionage." He has a point.
  • This dance is very Mr. & Mrs. Smith.
  • Steven: "Paris." Hoyt: "France." Steven: "Yes, we know what Paris is." ... Love their little exchanges.
  • Yo! Steven hanging off the side of a building and still being able to stab his attacker in the foot with his own knife was epic.
  • Au revoir Paris. Privyet Moscow.
  • So are they screwing up Leo's plan by trying to rescue him? Uhh ...
  • OMG, Samantha's good! Another strong woman on TV. I'm loving this.
  • They caught the bad guy. Yay! Leo's plan is complete.
  • Back to America and they're back in the spy business.
  • LMAO at Steven asking his wife if she's using "sexpionage" on him.
Well one thing's for sure, sexpionage never looked so good! Undercovers is definitely one to watch this fall.

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