03 September 2010

'Gossip Girl' Always Dresses the Part

If there's one thing Gossip Girl is known for, it's the unique fashion sense of each character. Here are my favorite fashion moments from Season 3.

While Blair and Chuck look great apart, they look amazing together! Just check them out all dressed up in episodes 6 (Enough About Eve) and 7 (How to Succeed in Bassness). These two need to get back together in season 4 so we can witness more style moments from the pair.

Serena's style is eclectic and ever-changing. As a PR girl myself, I loved Serena's take on publicist career clothes in episode 4 (Dan de Fleurette). For her day-to-day look, these plaid tights in episode 13 (The Hurt Locket) gave an otherwise simple outfit an extra pop of color.

I'm a sucker for LBDs, so when I saw Serena's Thanksgiving dinner dress in episode 11 (The Treasure of Serena Madre), I instantly wished it was in my closet.

Jenny's school uniform never looks like a school uniform. She's way more downtown tough girl than Upper East Side prep with her leather vest, shades, leather jacket, fishnets, and armor-like silver booties in episodes 4 and 7.

Nate looks great in everything he wears, but there's something really hot about him when he puts on a suit. I love how relaxed he is in episode 18 (The Unblairable Lightness of Being) with no tie and an open button-down shirt. He looked equally hot in episode 19 (Dr. Estrangeloved) with his buttons buttoned and a tie in place.

Dan didn't have many standout style moments this season, but I really loved his vest, scarf, and hat during the play in episode 10 (The Last Days of Disco Stick). He looked very Brooklyn hipster.

I love Vanessa's bohemian looks. Although her liquid leggings in episode 6 are very rocker chic, her graphic blouse and beige boots boho it up. Her tie-dye tunic made the perfect beach cover-up in episode 14's beach party.

Now where does Vanessa get her bohemian style from? Her mother Gabriela of course! Check out their maxi dresses in episode 6. How chic is this mother-daughter duo!

I loved Lily and Rufus's wedding attire in episode 5 (Rufus Getting Married). Lily's fuschia dress was gorgeous (and fitting since she really can't wear white anymore). Rufus' lack of a tie made his suit unstuffy, which is perfect for his laidback lifestyle.

Gabriela and Lily weren't the only mothers who looked good in season 3. Eleanor's dress at Dorota's wedding in episode 18 was gorgeous, and the matching bolero was on point.

And of course, let's not forget about this season's stylish guest stars.

The train of Lady GaGa's gown was super-long and super-perfect for her performance which included a climb up a ladder.

Hilary Duff was my favorite guest star of the season. As Olivia Burke, Hollywood-star-turned-college-coed, she really fit in on campus with her Mets tee and fedora. At Chuck's 1920s party she looked gorgeous in her black flapper dress. As a women scorned, she looked the part clad in this fierce red dress.

Many of the outfits I liked this season were for various events. The Gossip Girl gang is always going somewhere from polo matches to parties to charity galas. On the season 3 DVD, you'll find a great behind-the-scenes feature (A 'Gossip Girl' Fabulous Affair) about how these events come together and influence what each character wears. The DVD is in stores now. Make sure you pick up your copy!

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