23 September 2010

My Life, As 'Entourage'

Let's pretend I'm a Hollywood starlet-in-the-making. (Work with me here.) Like Vince on the hit show Entourage, I'd have my own cast of characters in tow.

Meet Rachel. She's my E. We think alike most of the time. She always knows whether or not I'll like something before I voice my opinion, and she has my best interest in mind. This is definitely what I need in a manager!

Meet Chrissy. She's my Turtle/Drama. She doesn't cruise around in a Hummer and she's not my chef/trainer/brother, but she is a great organizer. She would do a great job running my household. Because of her we'd never miss a meeting, our fridge would be fully stocked, and our house would be spotless!

Meet Alida. She's my Ari Gold. She's not as outrageous as Ari, but she does have the go-getter attitude every agent needs. She'd no nonsense and would do a great job wheeling and dealing for me. Who better to help me score my dream roles!

Of course since I'd be the one making the money, I'd share the wealth. Whatever cars these girls want would be theirs. I'd be like Oprah. "A car for you! A car for you! A car for you!" Let's not forget about vacations. If there's somewhere my entourage wants to go, we're gone. They work hard to help me get where I want to be. Why not send them where they want to be.

Now I want to hear from you! If you had an entourage, who would be a part of it? Comment please.

You can now watch "Entourage" five nights a week! Check your local listings here: http://www.entourageweeknights.com/ SP

I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for 'Entourage.'

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