28 September 2010

Who Does Bieber Better?

If you don't have Bieber fever yet, you're fooling yourself. Everyone I know, including the guys, are admitting the 16-year-old pop star rocks. Last semester a guy in one of my classes even yelled, "I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!" Yes, we were all somewhat shocked. No, my professor didn't promise to give him an A for Bieber Fever admission.

Now it seems Bieber fever has spread to the celebrity males too. Last week Jimmy Fallon debuted a new segment on his show called "Reflections with Justin Bieber." Today Michael Buble debuted a new music video in which he impersonates Biebs. Both of course wear purple and rock some Beiber bangs, but who does it better?

Jimmy Fallon - Refections with Justin Bieber

Michael Buble - Hollywood

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