13 October 2010

The Right Kind of "Wrong"

Once again, let's dish. In college I was in numerous clubs. Like many of my friends, I somehow managed to juggle it all.

Suddenly in my senior year the office that ran all the clubs decided to implement an old rule that stated students couldn't be on the board for two or more clubs. Why they decided to do this after years of ignoring the rules, who knows?

The school argued that it wasn't fair the same people were running various clubs. Understandable? Yes. Fair to those of us who had worked our butts off for years to be on multiple boards? No.

We petitioned and voiced our opinions. Did it work? You decide. Everyone who held two or more positions was required to submit a letter stating why they deserved to keep them. In the end, nothing changed for most of us. I didn't have to step down from either of my clubs. My peers and I were definitely not wrong for fighting for what we had worked hard to achieve. However, in our school's eyes, we were on the "wrong side."

Many times on The Whole Truth, Kathryn and Jimmy are faced with similar situations. They have to defend their client regardless of what the truth is. All that matters when the duo gets into the courtroom is how they can convince the jury their clients are right.

Just look at last week's episode. Jimmy had to defend a judge who was accused of murder. Whether or not the judge did it is besides the point. All that Jimmy cared about once court was in session was proving to the jury his client was innocent.

Make sure you check out The Whole Truth every Wednesday on ABC at 10 p.m. EST/9 p.m. C to see if the jury sides with Kathryn or Jimmy!

Watch a preview of this week's episode below.

I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for 'The Whole Truth.'

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