08 November 2010

Been a Long Time ...

Hey everyone. As you know last month I stopped blogging on the regular. Why? Let me conduct a self-interview ...

Hey gorgeous. You look fab!
Thanks girl! I try.

(Sorry, I couldn't resist. Now, back to business.)

Normally you have at least 20 posts every month. You only had a handful in October. What gives?
I took a break from blogging.

You took a break from blogging! Why? Things were going so well.
I thought so too, then I was reading a blog and the writer said that they were really tired of blogging. I could totally relate. I was running ragged and needed a break so I decided to take a step back last month. That's why my 7 posts in October are either work-related or stuff I really care about like diptNYC in Race for the Cure and Kanye's film.

That's understandable. We all need a break at some point. Now since you weren't blogging your life away, what were you doing?
Learning and living my life! I became obsessed with podcasts. I just love to hear people talk about stuff, especially comedians. It's great background noise. When I wasn't working I got caught up on shows and movies I'd been meaning to see.

Like Melissa & Joey, Catfish, Boardwalk Empire ...

Ooh, Boardwalk Empire. Great show! Doesn't it make you want to time travel back to the 1920s?
Totally! I've always been obsessed with that decade. I'm glad there's a show about it now.

You and everyone else hun. So besides playing catch up, how else did you spend your days?
My days? You make it sound like I was in prison with Weezy or rehab with Lindsay. Well, I was mainly in research mode. I reassessed the blog. I reread my favorite posts and figured out why I love them so much. I also got really into Google Reader. I subscribed to all my favorite blogs and sites. At night I'd spend hours studying why I was so drawn to them and why some of them are so popular.

And you thought studying was over once you graduated from college.
I know right. Guess there's still a lot to learn in the school of lifestyle blogs.

Haha, totally. What did you learn from your studies?
For the most part I realized that it's all about content. A lot of the sites I like are all about original content. If they do comment on something everyone else is talking about like Justin Bieber's nail polish line, they put their own spin on it so it's unique and interesting.

Basially you've reassessed and researched your way through October. Now it's November. How are you going to rebuild GRAE New York with everything you've found?
Well for one, I need to be more original! A lot of my posts became redundant. I was just writing about things I saw on other sites that I felt I should add my 2 cents to. So unnecessary! The main thing I learned is that it's not about the quantity of the posts, it's about the quality of the writing! A lot of the bloggers I love only post once or twice a week so it's a treat when you go to their site and see something new.

What changes will you be making to GNY now?
I've already changed the tagline to "More than a blog. It's a lifestyle."

Catchy! Where'd that come from?
GNY is more than a blog to me, it's my life! It's everything on my radar from music to fashion to film. Couple that with the web and it's totally a lifestyle brand in blog form!

That's a nice way to put it. Are there any other changes you plan on making?
A few weeks ago I updated the mission statement and the header and background. I want to use the Facebook fan page more and make it more interactive like our Twitter account. As for the blog itself, I have a couple of new features in mind that I plan on adding periodically.

Cool. Now this is a loaded question, where do you see GNY in 5 years?
Wow, 5 years? That is a loaded question. I'm not looking ahead that far, but at least within the next year I plan on making it a dot com. The URL's just way too wordy for me right now. It needs to be simplified. I also have a newsletter in the works, but I may start it as a blog feature so I can get some feedback on it first.

Wow, big things are happening for GNY in the next year. 
Yup, I don't want to be the girl that dreams big, I want to be that girl who finds a way to do big things.

I hope so!

And there you have it folks. If you read this whole thing, bless you. GNY is coming back with a vengeance. Get ready!


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