12 December 2010

Still on Hiatus ...

I know, I know. After saying I was officially back to blogging last month, I've been MIA like Justin Timberlake's music career. What can I say? I work for a toy company and with the holidays coming up I've been busy. Of course that's no excuse ... okay, yes it is.

Haven't seen this in a while.
While I may have been gone, GRAE New York is always on my mind. Like I said in November, I have tons of ideas for revamping GNY. Just wait and see. When the clock strikes midnight and we welcome 2011, get ready for an all new GRAE New York. Excited? You should be! In the meantime, I'll be posting every now and then this month (I hope). We can't ring in the new year without my infamous end-of-the-year recap, now can we?


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