24 December 2010

Under Review: 'Black Swan'

I love dance movies. I usually like thrillers. When the two genres collide in Black Swan, I was not that impressed. 

What made me say "ugh"

Nina - Natalie Portman's a terrific actress, but her character Nina got on my last nerve! In her quest to be perfect she lacks passion and personality. The show director keeps telling Nina to toughen up, and I couldn't help but agree with him. Girl needs a backbone and Kelly Cutrone's book.

Hallucinations - I know this is a psychological thriller, but there were one too many hallucination scenes. The whole "everyone's out to get me" and "omg what's on my back" thing got old real quick. I just kept thinking Nina would be fine if she stopped trying to be so perfect and ate some more cake.

What made me say "wow"

Lily - A couple of my friends disliked Mila Kunis' Lily, but of course I loved her. She's the girl you secretly look up to -- the fun-loving free spirit and badass ballerina with wings tattooed on her back. Lily injected much-needed life into the film every time she showed up, and I wanted to see more of her.

Ballet - The dancing in Black Swan is amazing and totally saved the film for me. I'm so proud of Natalie and Mila for undergoing rigorous training to pull off the dance scenes. Once again this makes me wish I had stuck with ballet. I too want to be the swan queen. Somebody get me a tiara and a tutu!

If you've seen Black Swan, what made you say "ugh" and "wow"?

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