15 February 2011

"Jersey Shore" Speaks: Cabs Are Here!

Sammi and Ronnie's Jersey Shore war was on ... again! The beginning of this episode was completely unquotable as these two had the fight of their lives ... again. It was depressing. Luckily halfway through the show Snooks whipped out this quotable gem and livened things up: "If he wants to play that dirty game with you, we can play it 10 times as hard." Girl power!

Sammi's very Edie-esque in this photo.
Watch 'Factory Girl' if you don't get the reference.
(image via mtv.com)

Now here's the best of Cabs Are Here!

"The staircase is like really small and the bed is wide, and it's kind of like an analogy of Vinny's penis not fitting in my pinhole." - Snooks (Umm, 'kay.)

The meatball movers.
(image via mtv.com)

"My man was so upset. He was distraught!" - Sitch (Sitch is clearly no stranger to a thesaurus.)

"Jenny looks so hot, like porn star hot. If Roger wasn't there, I'd probably have sex with her." - Snooki (Roger, keep an eye on Snooks lol.)

And all of America agrees Jenni looks 'porn star hot.'
(image via mtv.com)

"I'm stressed out over Ron and Sam's relationship. Am I supposed to be stressed out over someone else's relationship? It's not right." - Pauly (If you said "NO" points for you!)

I wasn't even in the house with these two, and I was stressed.
(image via mtv.com)

"Ron had been pissed at me for guy code, it's like, where's you know, general human code." - Sitch (Exactly! That whole "respect" thing was getting on my nerves.)

"Yo, his shorts are frickin' tight." - Deena (I thought the same thing when I saw them!)

FYI, Deena didn't mean "tight" in a good way.
(image via mtv.com)

"He had a camel toe going on with his penis and everything." - Deena (He said his shorts were "retro." I say "they've got to go!")

Group hug! They're such a family.
(image via mtv.com)

So now that Sammi's gone, where does that leave Ronnie? From the looks of next week's (work with me here) preview, he may be on his way out too. It's official, Jersey Shore has turned into Survivor.

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