19 February 2011

"Jersey Shore" Speaks: The Great Depression

Don't let the title of this episode fool you. As Deena would say, it was a blast! Yes, Ronnie was down after Sammi left, but it was all fun and games with the rest of the Jersey Shore crew. There were pranks left, right, and center, but most importantly there were quotes galore!

Poor crocodilly.
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Here's the best of The Great Depression!

"Some days I'm Uncle Situation, other days I'm Dr. Situation, I'm Chef Situation, I'm Bang-Your-Girl Situatiion. I'm just like you know, a pretty deep dude." - Sitch (Sure he is.)

"Listening to Mike about relationship problems is like listening to a sailor about flying a plane." - Ronnie (Hah!)

Who wouldn't be depressed if Sitch gave them "advice" lol.
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"I'd rather die standing than live on my knees. You know. That's a fucking. good one." - Sitch (Well modesty was never his strong suit.)

"I mean what am I going to say to him? You know, I could just tell him to put on a little Michael Bolton." - Sitch (Who else pictured Sitch blasting How Am I Supposed to Live Without You post-breakup?)

"If there's no happiness, it's not meant to be." - Sammi's mom (Tell her mama!)

"Team Meatballs 1. Bromance 0." - Deena (Team Meatballs vs. Bromance. Loves it.)

"Don't prank me, I have brains. You could put Deena and Nicole's brains together and their brain still wouldn't equal mine." - Vinny (Yo Vincenzo, don't mess with Team Meatballs!)

"1-2-3-4, I declare a prank war." - Pauly (Oh yeah!)

Let the prank war begin!
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"I didn't know the seriousness of the missing crocodile." - Sitch (Stuffed or real, a missing crocodile is always serious Sitch.)

"Yo, his name isn't Sitch anymore, it's Snituation." - Vinny (Everyone's getting on Mike in this episode.)

"I'm gonna start calling guys hunks." - Deena (Another entry for the Deena Dictionary.)

"I gotta get my eyebrows done man. It's a process being Situation." - Sitch (I told you he hasn't been modest in a minute.)

Interesting Diet Dr. Pepper product placement.
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"There's classes of grenades. It goes like grenade, grenade launcher, and then submarine, and after it's the tank, and after the tank it's the a-bomb." - Situation (Grenade 101. I'm sure he's pitching this book to publishers as we speak.)

"How are you supposed to get fresh to death when there are some dirty ass drawers that belong to someone in this house?" - Pauly (Poor Pauly. I'd be upset too!)

Don't disturb Pauly with your dirty drawers when he's trying to get FTD!
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"I'm glad I got a penis man." - Ronnie (Uh, thanks for sharing?)

"You wanna GTF, gym, tan, find who's underwear those are." - Ronnie (Nice to see him cracking jokes.)

"I meet this little Mario Bros., and it was kind of like a last resort. Like walking out of the club 'Okay you're coming with me because you know I'm like drunk and just want to hook up.'" - Snooki  (I'm sure he'll be thrilled to hear this.)

Don't get to excited Mario Bros. You're just a "last resort."
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"Deena turns into the sloppopotamus, a combination of a slop tart and a hippopotamus. Put it together it's a sloppo, sloppo, sloppotapotus?" - Sitch (Love that he can't remember what he's saying.)

"Don't let anyone get you down, no matter what. I'm down worse than you are, and I'm giving you a pep talk right now." - Ronnie (He'd make a good coach.)

Hmm, these 2 look good together. Uh-oh.
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See, I told you this episode had some epic quotes. There was a much better variety than last week right?

Now let's get to the important stuff. It looks like Sammi's heading back to the house next week. Do you think Ronnie will stick around or is the Shore not big enough for the both of them? Jersday better hurry up and get here.

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