26 February 2011

'Pretty Little' Soundtrack

Music has the power to turn a good scene into a great one. If TV shows and movies didn't have music, everyone would be sitting around rambling or awkwardly staring at each other in silence. Music always makes shows more interesting and memorable. I love hearing a song and being taken back to an unforgettable scene.

Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family always has great music. The soundtrack's out now, and I've had it on repeat since I got it. The songs were really paired perfectly for the scenes I heard them in. Take for example Colbie Caillat's I Won't that plays when Aria and her family move back to town. The lyric "I don't wanna start over" captured how Aria was feeling in that moment. After living in Iceland for a year, Aria wasn't returning to the Rosewood she once knew. Alison was the glue that held Aria's circle of friends together. With her missing for the past year, everyone had drifted apart. Who really wants to start from square one and make new friends again in high school?

Beauty Queen by Ben's Brother is another fitting song from the soundtrack. The chorus really added to the somber mood of the scene it was in. Aria's in the bar and grill alone and on the verge of tears as she looks at Alison's missing poster. When you hear the lyric "she was a beauty queen" you notice Alison's all smiles in her photo and looks very much like a beauty queen. The last line in the chorus, "we all fall down" is especially haunting since no one knows if Alison's dead or alive.

Although Pretty Little Liars' music supervisor Chris Mollere does a great job pairing scenes with the best songs, it turns out the most fitting song for the show was actually chosen by the fans. Check out this video of Chris talking about the soundtrack to find out which song I'm referring to. I'd tell you, but it's a secret. 

Did you catch my hint? Clever aren't I? Now head to iTunes and expand your music palette with your own copy of the Pretty Little Liars soundtrack! It's full of great indie artists like Katie Herzig, MoZella, and Andrew Belle.

Don't forget to tune into ABC Family on Monday nights at 8/7c to stay on top of all the secrets from our favorite quartet and the people around them.

I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division 
to promote the Pretty Little Liars Soundtrack.

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