02 February 2011

Spotted: Russell Brand

How would you kill time waiting for your delayed train to arrive: (1) hit up the food court, (2) take a nap, or (3) watch Russell Brand film a movie? If 3's your answer, you would have loved to be me on Monday night.

Thanks to On Location Vacations, I knew Russell was doing reshoots for Arthur in and around Grand Central last weekend. They also tweeted he would be there Monday night. I thought I'd be long gone by then, but I came across production trucks, cables, and the craft service table as I headed into GCT. Inside I watched as workers put green screens over the ads on the main concourse.

Is Russell Brand looking at me?
As I stood around waiting for my train's arrival to be announced, I suddenly noticed a large crowd forming to my right. At the center of it was Russell towering over everyone in a funky pair of boots. (Not sure if they were part of his character's wardrobe or not.) I quickly made my way to one of the balconies for a better view which resulted in the above photo. I took a few more, but you'll have to go to On Location Vacations to see them. Tell OLV Shari sent you!

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