27 March 2011

Feeling 'Limitless'

Today I went to see Limitless. That was 9 bucks well spent. Not only did I get to gawk at the gorgeous Bradley Cooper (damn those eyes are dreamy) for close to two hours, I was inspired to up my game. If you've seen the current number one movie in the country, you know what I'm talking about.

image via IMDB

I keep hearing Limitless is Inception part 2. Not true. For one, I could actually follow it! Secondly, there are no dreams within dreams ... within ... dreams. Instead we have Eddie Morra, a writer struggling to finish his big novel ... and, err, start it. He's unkempt, his apartment's a mess, and I don't know how he got a girlfriend in the first place. Oh right, those dreamy eyes. 

Anyway, he and the girlfriend finally break up right before he runs into his ex-brother-in-law who he hasn't seen in years. The brother-in-law has some pills called MDT and gives him a sample. As the drug runs its course Eddie's suddenly highly efficient. He helps his neighbor write a tough law paper (among other things) and even manages to write the manuscript for his long overdue book. Naturally he wants more MDT to keep him functioning at that level. While on the drug full time he cleans himself up, learns tons of languages, makes tons of friends and money, and gets his girlfriend back. As things start looking up, they also take a downturn when he starts running out of MDT. I'll stop there so I don't completely spoil the movie for you, but I will say Limitless becomes a cool action thriller that keeps you interested.

While I'm far from lazy, Limitless makes me want to do more. When Eddie sees his ex-girlfriend after he's been on MDT for a while, he jokes that his 180 is due to a self-improvement month. While I'm totally against uncontrolled substances, I'm all for a little self-improvement. Who doesn't want to be more efficient? I want to make April my self-improvement month. Now I just need to figure out what I need to improve. Will I become fluent in Italian or take up piano like Eddie? Anything's possible. I'm feeling limitless!

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