15 March 2011

It's GRAE Day!

Two years ago today I sat at my laptop inspired to create and GRAE New York was born.

With over 31,000 page views, 542 posts, 48 subscribers, 48 Facebook fans, and 540 Twitter friends, GRAE New York has lived up to its tag line. GRAE is more than a blog, it's truly a lifestyle for many. 

If you need a soundtrack to get through your day, you're part of GRAE New York.
If you watch Jersey Shore religiously (whether you admit it or not), you're part of GRAE New York.
If you have an eye on what's coming down the runway, you're part of GRAE New York. 

GRAE New York features what's on my radar, but I always love to hear what's on yours. If there's something you think your fellow GRAE readers should know about, send it my way. The contact page isn't just there for show.

Thanks for making GRAE an epic ride for the past 2 years! 


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