07 March 2011

It's Monday Morning. Let's Dance.

Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor

If you need inspiration to step up your ab game, look no further than J.Lo. This mother of two has a better core than most twenty-somethings. Go mami! Now I must learn the On The Floor dance.

Tammy Fey - Got It Like That

If you found the strength to tear your eyes away from Justin Timberlake long enough during his last tour, chances are his dancer Tammy Fey caught your eye. I'm glad to see her sassy moves have carried over into her solo venture. "Pirouette across the ceiling, redefining diva ..." is so my new mantra even though I still can't do a pirouette. Hey, a girl can dream.

RDB - K.I.N.G. (Singh Is King Remix) ft. Jai Hind

I heard this song on Saturday morning and made it my mission on Sunday to track it down. Thank God for Google.

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