18 May 2011

JT Back on SNL This Weekend

No one call/text/tweet me Saturday night! My husband Justin Timberlake's hosting SNL this weekend and I can't miss it. I always look forward to JT playing host. From skit to skit he looks like he's having the time of his life. It's refreshing to see JT not take himself so seriously.

Another reason to be excited for SNL? Lady Gaga's the musical guest! You know mama monster's gonna bring it! I can't wait to see her promos with JT. For now I'll just have to settle for these with him and Andy Samberg.

Did they just say their twin sisters are hot and annoying? I smell another epic Jandy Timsamlake production in the works! Hopefully Gaga will join them on the track. We def need another Lonely Island masterpiece to take us into summer.

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