29 May 2011

'Pretty Little' Secrets

I dare you to name a character in Pretty Little Liars without a secret. From the girls and their families to their neighbors and teachers, it seems everyone in Rosewood has something to hide.

Is it right to keep secrets from your friends? It all depends on the situation.

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If someone is in trouble and you can help by saying something, go ahead and spill the beans. Remember when the girls had that video of Alison and Ian in the woods? The video totally incriminated him for Alison's murder. Did the girls hold off from telling the cops about it? No! Now in true Pretty Little Liars fashion the video mysteriously disappeared from Spencer's laptop by the time they made it to the police station, but at least the girls tried to say something.

When someone asks you to tell or give someone something on their behalf, don't keep it from them just because you feel like it and/or don't like the person. Remember when Caleb gave Mona a letter for Hanna at the carnival? It's no secret Mona didn't like Caleb, but she didn't have to throw his letter away and not tell Hanna. Because of her actions Hanna thought Caleb was a bad guy and he ended up leaving town.

Now if revealing a secret will hurt someone more than help, by all means keep your mouth shut! After Paige kissed Emily she didn't run around Rosewood telling everyone Paige was gay. It wasn't her secret to tell. She kept it to herself and left it up to Paige to say something.

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