31 May 2011

Watch: The White House Band - 'Wasup'

Yesterday I was surprised to find out The White House Band's new video for Wasup was banned from MTV. Sure there's a robbery and an explosion, but it's like a scene out of prime time TV. All the hostage situations, shootings, and explosions on Grey's Anatomy alone would take you an hour to list.

Rap Rocks at Mercury Lounge 4.22.11
(p.s. the camera flash really lit up my hair)
[image via Facebook]
Anyway, I'm glad we're living in a digital age and bands don't have to depend on the networks to get themselves out there. Watch The White House Band's video below and visit thewhitehouseband.bandcamp.com to downlaod their mixtapes.

You can catch The White House Band this summer when they hit up DC, Baltimore, Nashville, and NYC on the Rap Rocks tour. Check out the trailer below.

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