05 June 2011

'Breaking Dawn' Teaser Trailer

Unlike most of my friends, I stopped caring about Twilight after the first book and movie. If you reference anything from the rest of the series, expect me to stare at you blankly and talk about Taylor Lautner's six pack. 

(image via IMDB)

Anyway, the trailer for the first part of the Breaking Dawn movie was finally released. Of course, the only thing that I cared about were Taylor Lautner's abs which get ample screen time as he angrily throws Bella and Edward's wedding invitation on the ground, takes off his shirt, and runs in the rain. Does he ever get sick from his constant lack of a shirt? 

Are you excited for Breaking Dawn? Does the movie really need to be a two-parter? Fill me in Twi-hards! Post a comment.  

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