05 June 2011

Commercial Commentary: Revlon Edition

To spice up their Grow Lucious Plumping Mascara commercial, Revlon brought in Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky. What's not to love about the Academy Award nominee's commercial? It's shot in black and white, there's a song by Pharrell, Jessica Biel looks glam and has cool mirrors, Pharrell's in a suit ... wait, why's Pharrell there? Oh JB's hypnotizing him with her lucious plump lashes. That explains the song ... and why Pharrell's walking down the corridor like he's had one too many to drink.


Scotch Corduroy said...

this was so chic, I wanna do a commercial like this (lol)

Shari B said...

I just want those mirrors #RandomObsession lol