07 June 2011

Grassy Slope Releases Kid Cudi's 'Maniac' Trailer and 'Marijuana' Video

Ever since it was announced that Shia LaBeouf was directing a short film inspired by Maniac, a Kid Cudi song featuring Shia's rapper BFF Cage, I've been all over it. Just about every week since the video was shot last year I've been checking the Vimeo account for Grassy Slope, Shia's production company. Last week I was psyched when these videos finally surfaced.

While I'm glad to see the trailers, I'm kind of disappointed that the film won't be released until October 31st. I'm sure the date's strategic (Halloween + 'Maniac' = clever!), but that's practically a year after the video was announced and filmed. Guess all good things come to she who waits.

For now I'll just watch Shia's video for Cudi's song Marijuana. Last November Shia documented Cudi's trip to the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Filmed with 8mm and 16mm cameras, the footage is raw and gritty. My favorite part is when the boys go to the red light district. I just thought red light district was an expression. I didn't know there were really red lights! See, Cudi videos teach you things. Don't let anyone tell you any different.

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