27 June 2011

Listen Up: Jordan Knight "Give It To You"

Looks like 1999's the new 2011. All weekend long my friends and I were obsessed with Jordan Knight's Give It To You. We even drove to The Met yesterday dancing to this. It's officially our throwback song of the summer.

What really made this song so epic wasn't the song itself, but the accompanying music video. Although the lyrics are racy (something I didn't realize that when I was 11 y.o.), the video's fairly far from it. The choreography is intense! I tweeted Jordan to ask if he can still do it. No reply yet, but I'll keep trying. I attempted the choreography and I still only have one 8-count down. Good thing I have the whole summer to work on it. If you find any choreography tutorials for this song, feel free to send them my way!


RW said...

I love how blunt Jordan is, not to mention, he can dance his ass off. Recommended video where Jordan also dances his ass off..."Step By Step" by New Kids on the Block. He works it.

Shari B said...

Thanks for the recommendation RW! ;-)