23 June 2011

PromaxDBA's The Conference 2011 Comes to NYC

I'm no stranger to marketing conferences. Just a few weeks ago I was running around NYC for Internet Week events. Some people think conferences are a drag, but you really can get a lot out of them. Not only do you learn from industry insiders, you get the chance to do a lot of networking. You never know where those new contacts can lead. The person you're exchanging business cards with today could be calling you up tomorrow to consult on a career-making project.

Recently I was talking to someone at a conference about how they can use social media for their start-up. After the conversation I realized I know more about social media marketing than I thought I did. It was a great "student becomes teacher" moment. Don't you want to experience that? Well I have a major conference for you ...

If you're working in the entertainment, design, and marketing industries, you'll definitely want to attend PromaxBDA: The Conference 2011. There are tons of sessions led by industry insiders from top companies like Warner Bros., HBO, and CNN. There's truly something for everyone whether you're a writer, social media pro, online marketer, or artist.

Just take a look at these two sessions:

(1) The 500 Lb Guerilla: Innovative Marketing Ideas -- The 500 Lb Guerilla. Not your typical conference session name right? Well that's because it's about unconventional marketing stunts on the street and on the web.

 (2) Beyond Friends and Fans: How to Boost Traffic: Aggregate Audiences and Drive New Business Through Facebook -- Everyone and their grandma's on Facebook these days so how do you cultivate your business on the world's most popular social network? This session will show you how.

For more sessions and the event schedule, visit The Conference 2011 website.

In addition to attending the conference, you should consider joining PromaxDBA. You'll learn more about the industry and receive invites for exclusive networking events. You'll also get full access to promaxdba.org where you can use the extensive online library for research, host your video and print portfolio for free, and use the international job board.

If you plan on joining PromaxDBA or attending the conference (and why wouldn't you), use the following promo codes:
- WB11MEMDISC ... this code waives the $25 processing fee when you register for a $199 PromaxDBA membership
- WB11CONFDISC ... this code gives you a $200 discount off the $1595 registration fee for The Conference 2011

Don't you just love the benefits of being a GRAE New York reader. Now go forth and jumpstart your career! Visit http://prod.promaxdba.org.

I have been hired by PromaxBDA 
to raise awareness for the organization and The Conference

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