26 July 2011

Listen Up: Die Pretty Interview

Last Friday I sat down with Sal and Sarah of Die Pretty before they performed at The Delancey for fans, friends, and walk-ins who drifted downstairs when music from the show made its way to the upper level.

Die Pretty rocks The Delancey on 7.22.11

The brother and sister who make up half the band (guitarist Tommy and drummer Angelo round out the rest of the roster) got their start when the 90's California punk rock movement caught their ears. Since then their sound has evolved. "I like to think of it like a sponge. You start to just get influenced by [all the genres]," says Sal.

Still relative unknowns in the US, Die Pretty gained an unexpected following in Germany with the release of their first album Bittersweet in 2009. "It was really kind of surprising. We didn't know we'd have a fan base over there," says Sal. "They're more into rock," adds Sarah.

Die Pretty's 2010 self-titled EP was the first time they collaborated with producer and engineer Oliver Straus who's worked with Matt and Kim, All Time Low, and Cobra Starship. "Oliver's a very talented and creative producer and a great engineer," says Sal. "He understood the sound and brought out what we wanted to say." With praise like that, it's no wonder Straus was brought on board once again when it came time to record Die's Pretty's latest EP, Battle Over Brooklyn.

When asked what they hope to do on their next album, Sal says, "Use more synthesizers and play a little more with loops and beats." Additionally the band wants to focus on "writing good songs and writing something people can connect to," says Sarah. "You write what you feel. A lot [of Die Pretty's lyrics are inspired by] real life experiences. Things my family and friends go through or just something in society."

So what's next for Die Pretty? First up is their August 6 show at Tammany Hall. Also be on the lookout for the late August release of  their next music video, 7th Heaven, directed by Mandon Lovett in Miami.

For more on Die Pretty, visit dieprettymusic.com.


Anonymous said...

The band's pretty cool. Nice interview. ;)

Shari B said...

They really are. Thanks for the support!

Siobhan said...

never heard of them ....but i liked what i read and saw in videos... "DIE PRETTY" is COOL ...will be checking them out....btw GREAT interview

Shari B said...

Thanks! Def check out Die Pretty.