03 August 2011

In Review: Andy Suzuki and the Method at S.O.B.'s

Watching Andy Suzuki and the Method's show at S.O.B.'s Sunday night, two things instantly came to mind: (1) More bands need an electric violinist like Jason G. (2) More bands needs a percussionist like Kozza Babumba. It's not every day you come across both of these instruments in the same band, but when you do the result is magic. Incorporating these elements into their act definitely adds some spice to Andy Suzuki and the Method's performance.

The camaraderie amongst the band members also adds to the show. They crack jokes on each other, provide witty comments, and act as a sounding board for one another. All jokes aside, in between songs Andy explained the backstories for their original songs. From liking someone who's already taken to handling a parent with an illness, the content of the group's songs also adds to their relatability. 

In a way, watching Andy Suzuki and the Method brings to mind the early shows of Jason Mraz and John Mayer. Ironically, these two seasoned artists are who inspired Andy to go the singer-songwriter route when he was in college. From the looks of things Sunday night, it looks like he took all the right notes.

For more on Andy Suzuki and the Method visit andysuzukimusic.com.

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mom said...

GRAE New York ( my dtr ) tweeted me and told me to watch the live stream of this show......so glad i did. I truly enjoyed the show....Andy Suzuki and The Method were AWESOME!!! [btw my dtr...'GREAT review']