02 August 2011

Stereo Crowd, It's a Collective

"I don't know if y'all could tell, but we had some fun up there," said guitarist/vocalist Paul-Anthony Surdi after Stereo Crowd's show last Friday at the legendary Knitting Factory.

Stereo Crowd at the Knitting Factory 7.29.11

With all the energy the band and their cohorts had on stage, fun almost seems like an understatement. It was more like a party you didn't want to end.

Stereo Crowd has a way of reeling in the audience and making them a part of the show as soon as they step on stage. "It's like one of those things about whenever you're in a space you can create a culture," says vocalist/bassist VFerg.

VFerg of Stereo Crowd

Create a culture they have. Stereo Crowd is more than just a band that got it's start on rooftop parties in Harlem. Stereo Crowd is also the eclectic group of people who come to their shows, which was clear firsthand as the Knitting Factory audience spanned races and ages.

"The band is the title, but Stereo Crowd is the collective," says VFerg.

from left to right: Robert Keith, SciryL, VFerg, George 2.0
in the back: Paul-Anthony

Defining their sound as urban alternative, Stereo Crowd mixes elements of hip hop, rock, soul, and R&B. The result is a sound that's as diverse as the audience who comes to see them.

One thing that's clear about Stereo Crowd is they aren't afraid to share the spotlight.

"We bring people on to get people involved," says drummer Jamie Robinson.

Stereo Crowd drummer Jamie Robinson

George 2.0 and SciryL joined them multiple times during their set. The band was also backed by vocalists Elle Marshall and The Dan who had the crowd singing along with their covers of Rihanna's Man Down and Nicki Minaj's Moment for Life.

Elle Marshall joins Stereo Crowd on stage

Guitarist Robert Keith and Jamie had some of the night's standout moments. At one point Robert placed his guitar behind his head and kept on playing which drew a roar from the crowd. Later in the show Jamie's drum solo ended with him playing the drums with a drumstick in one hand and a water bottle in the other after he tossed the other drum stick into the crowd.

"It's not about being perfect man, you know. It's just about going out and having a good time and just getting people involved and giving them a good time so they forget about maybe if they had a rough day," says Jamie.

For more on Stereo Crowd visit stereocrowd.com.

Robert Keith and VFerg

Jamie Robinson

Paul-Anthony and Elle Marshall

Elle Marshall

VFerg's bass



George 2.0

George 2.0

Robert Keith and VFerg


Jamie Robinson said...

Truly had an amazing time at the Knitting Factory show. The crowd was very responsive and involved, and that is what we want as a band... To give people a good time and get them involved! Thanks to the Knitting Factory, for giving Stereo Crowd the opportunity to do what we love and to GRAE New York for this blog. Cheers.....

Siobhan said...

one word "GREAT"