10 October 2011

Fashion Forward: HBO and Jack Threads Collab Once Again for "How to Make It in America"

HBO and JackThreads recently launched the second part of their How to Make It in America streetwear collab series with GoodWood, Мишка (Mishka NYC), and Dr. Romanelli.

the back of GoodWood's Skate Eagle pendant
I love the stories behind GoodWood and Mishka NYC. Both NYC-based companies were created by young, ambitious designers who hustled (or in Mishka's case "grinded") their way up the ladder.

GoodWood founder Kerri O'Connell created three pieces inspired by the show. There's the Luis Guzman chain, the Popping Bottles Pendant, and (my favorite) the Skate Eagle.

left: GoodWood's Luiz Guzman pendant
right: GoodWood's Skate Eagle pendant

left: GoodWood's Popping Bottles pendant (front)
right: GoodWood's Popping Bottles pendant (back)
Here's an exclusive with Kerri talking about how she went from starting a company in her apartment to collaborating with JackThreads.

Mishka NYC's t-shirt, hoodie, and raglan from their HBO x JackThreads collab

When you heard the story behind Mishka NYC, you're instantly reminded of Ben and Cam's journey. Like Crisp, Mishka NYC was started by two guys (Mikhail Bortnik and Greg Rivera) who created pieces that they'd want to wear. Their strong work ethic drove them to stay on their grind and build up their brand. As we've learned from the How to Make It boys, that's what it's all about. Check out this interview with the guys behind Mishka NYC.

Head to jackthreads.com/howtomakeit to add these collections to your wardrobe. As always, be sure to watch How to Make It In America every Sunday on HBO at 10:30 pm. I'm really loving the show this season. It just gets better as the story unfolds. Start watching if you haven't already.


Fashion Iz NIT said...

This is an amazing story how someone can start a business from the comfort of their home and expand it into something huge. I was looking for something motivational and I found it. Thanks

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Shari B said...

Yes, the stories of the founders behind GoodWood and Mishka are totally inspiring. Glad you liked this post. Thanks for commenting!