14 October 2011

Jared Leto for Hugo Boss Fragrances

As I watched Hugo Boss's new Hugo Just Different and Hugo Man commercial starring Jared Leto it dawned on me ...

THAT is turning 40 in two months. What's his secret? Dude looks younger than Zac Efron! Do Just Different and Hugo Man have some kind of anti-aging serum in them?

Check out the commercial below. Let's hope this collab with Jared and Hugo continues with a sexy ad spread because Jordan Catalano can rock a suit like no other. (Do you see that screen shot above? Hello!)


Siobhan said...

Damn!!! ..... Jared Leto is HOT !!!!!

Scotch Corduroy said...

lol lol HELLO KITTY PUMPKIN!! haha
thanks for the photo! (I tried watch your Jared Leto video but couldn't! it says the "This video is not available") :(