05 November 2011

Introducing the YEHLOskeets

You know I love my talented Canadians ... Drake, Bieber, Gosling. Now I can add the YEHLOskeets to that list!

(left: Adrian Chan, right: Kenny Leong)

Meet Adrian Chan and Kenny Leong, the guys behind my new favorite YouTube channel the YEHLOskeets ("yellow skits"). From their Dance Domo vid to their take on the Blackberry Blackout, the duo's videos have me laughing nonstop.

My fave of all their vids is their Talking to Girls series. It starts with Adrian struggling to IM a girl. Seeing how unsuccessful his friend is, Kenny steps in as his swagger coach to give him pointers. Does Adrian get the girl in the end? You'll just have to watch and see ...

I can't wait to see what's next for the YEHLOskeets. Subscribe to their channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/YEHLOskeets


drewdogg said...

i want to have sex with adrian

Anonymous said...

LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!