30 November 2011

Vicky S Does It Again, 2011 Edition

Lily Aldridge in her disco dress!
 Every year I look forward to the Victoria's Secret fashion show. Their team's so creative, and I love seeing what new themes they come up with. Plus the girls always look like they're having the time of their lives unlike models at other runway shows.

Last night was their 11th televised show. As usual it was amazing and I had a lot to say. Let my famous Vicky S recap commence ...

- 1st song of the night ... Makes Me Wanna Die by The Pretty Reckless ... yeah Taylor Momsen!
- 1st lost shoe of the night goes to Miranda Kerr!
- new angel = Karlie Kloss
- Kanye West performs Stronger... totally forgot he was supposed to do the show in '07 but he lost his mom right before
- And the question of the hour is ... What would you like to do if you were a superhero? ... Honestly, I'd just want to look badass in a hot jumpsuit and sports car ... if I'm going to catch bad guys I may as well look good doing it!

Yeah, Alessandra!

- LOVE that fan-inspired piece Alessandra wore. It was perfectly set to a soundtrack of Rihanna's California King Bed.
- Oh no, Adrianna's trapped in her superhero outfit! Will she make it to the runway?! #drama ensues

Adriana Lima in the superhero costume she later got stuck in.
- LOVE these Spanish-inspired pieces!
- Yay Adriana made it to the runway!

Doutzen Kroes knows how to strike a pose. Work!

- Aww childhood photos of the angels. Love that they didn't always aspire to be models.
- Please somebody put Adam on the runway in a lace bra & panties!
Someone obviously didn't get my memo to put Adam in a lace bra & panties.
- Oh another Rihanna song ... Who's That Chick
- Orlando giving his wife a standing O never gets old, lol
- Karlie shimmying! She's my new favorite angel!

Karlie Kloss, pre-shimmy (image via Zimbio)
 - Kanye & Jay-Z sing "Ni**as in Paris" ... love 'Ye's line with "married Kate & Ashley" #clever
- Vicky S chicks off the runway ... Adrianna = boxer ... Candice (sidenote: possibly not Candice; I blinked and missed her name) = adrenaline junkie ... Behati = amazing photographer ... Lily = music girl (she is married to Caleb from Kings of Leon after all) ... Erin = gadget geek/sexy nerd

Jay-Z and 'Ye are just glad to be there.

- Hey, I just learned antebellum means "before or existing before the war, especially the American Civil War" ... that designer's speech makes so much more sense now when he mentions the word while explaining how turn-of-the-century New Orleans influenced the collection ... see Vicky S teaches you stuff!
- LOVE the spats-inspired shoes!

Miranda Kerr is adorable!

- Orlando's so proud of Miranda. I want a husband like him.
- victoriassecret.com/fashionshow
- "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest off them all?" I'm guessing the answer's "you" since an angel pointed at the camera. #hint #hint

Nicki fits in perfectly! Can someone explain why I saw photos of her in wedges, but she was performing in blinged-out sneakers?

- Nicki Minaj performs Super Bass .. she was born to lead the Pink parade ... love that the Vicky S girls can't wait to walk down the runway to this track ... and Chanel Iman would be the one to sing along, lol

Chanel Iman with her neon wings. Oww!
- Aww, that's it ... time to play some GaGa and get out of here! (P.S. Do you hear Rihanna's S&M playing? That's 3 RiRi songs in one night! Guess the music director got the memo that the Roc was in the building.)
- See ya next year! Muah! <3

Moves Like Jagger was the theme of the night! Check out the Vicky S angels rockin' out to it.

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