11 December 2011

CONTEST: Win a 2012 Chevy Camaro from PLNDR

Remember how cool Shia LaBeouf looked in Transformers saving the world in his Chevy Camaro. Well you can do the same, well not the saving the world part (unless you got it like that). No friends, YOU could be behind the wheel of a 2012 Chevy Camaro thanks to my friends at the hot online streetwear boutique PLNDR!

Right now PLNDR is running a contest this holiday season for its members. Not only are they giving away a 2012 Chevy Camaro, they're throwing in a $1000 PLNDR shopping spree! If that wasn't enough, PLNDR's really getting into the holiday spirit and giving away $50 PLNDR gift codes daily! I repeat, DAILY!

Of course since it's the season for giving, don't keep all this awesome news to yourself. Tell your friends! The more friends you get to join PLNDR, the more chances you get to win the grand prize. And if one of your friends happens to be the grand prize winner, PLNDR will give you a $2500 "Inviter Prize" gift code. See, I told you it pays to share.

The contest ends on January 4th. Click this link and sign up to become a PLNDR member now: plndr.com

Remember to tell your friends for more chances to win!


Tyra Shortino said...

That's great! Now is the chance for fans to own the same car that was featured in the movie. I'm sure the promo would draw in a lot of participants. The car is known for its looks and performance, and I doubt people would pass on the chance to own one.

Shari B said...

Well it's not the exact car Shia drives in the movie, it's the 2012 Camaro. Still awesome though right! Thanks for commenting. :-)